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To access the registration page to register your new forum account, first you need to login using your Subscription Username & Password. Once you are registered, you will not have to do this again and you will be able to access the forums directly at anytime:


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You can have your own permanent forum account in just minutes! In our brand new Member forum, you will have access to special gifts for members only, pre-release information about updates, previews of upcoming projects, contests, requests, feedback from staff and other members, and much much more. It is still new, so thank you for your patience and expect a lot more to come! Feel free to post when you register just to say hi to everyone. :) We do have posted forum rules and all members are required to abide by them. If you have questions, or are having troubles logging in, please read below for some tips:

Why do I have to login twice?
Our member forums are open to all subscribers past and/or present. Even if your subscription expires or if you cancel it for any reason, you will still be able to read and post in our Member Forums indefinitely. That is why we require you to login in a second time with the Username & Password you were provided with upon subscribing. After you login above, you information will be confirmed and you will be directed to the forum registration page where you can set up your own permanent forum account, with your own Forum name and password of your choosing. Despite all the wording here, it is all pretty easy and straightforward to do. However please contact one of our Forum Admins or if you require any assistance during this process.

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Forgot your password?
There is an easy and secure way for you to re-obtain your subscription password, especially if you used an online payment method. Simply pull up your payment receipt in PayPal: just log into your PayPal account and go to the "History" subtab of the "My Account" tab. Locate the "Show" pull-down menu, select "Subscriptions" and then press the "Search" button. Click on the Simslice payment link to view the Subscription Details of that transaction. The Subscription Details page will list your payment information, including your username and password. If this does not help, or if you subscribed via postal mail, please for further assistance.

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Problems Logging In?
All computer systems are different, and in rare cases there may or may not need some adjustments on your end to ensure a login is transmitted properly. We outline the known issues on our FAQ page here:
If this does not help and if you require further assistance, please

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Please adhere to all forum rules.

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